Determining BCS score

What is BCS?

BCS, is Body Condition Score. It’s a way to determine how fit/lean or overweight/obese your dog may be. This is crucial in determining how many calories to feed per day.

Many dog owners may not know what a fit dog actually looks like because unfortunately, we are usually used to seeing most dogs overweight. And many people may label a fit dog as “too skinny” when in fact they are optimal weight.

Keeping a dog at a healthy lean weight is CRUCIAL to their long term health.

Through our endeavor, I was able to shave a whopping 17lbs off of my dog when we switched from kibble to Raw Keto. At the time, I never thought my dog was overweight as that was just the way I was used to seeing her that way. Below is a picture of her now after that dramatic weight loss. It’s like a totally different dog. Learn more on the perils of high carbohydrate kibble diets here




Below are some charts on how to asses your dogs BCS score





My dog’s dramatic transformation from kibble to Raw Keto

Here is a before and after picture of my dog after a dramatic transformation
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