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Here are some real world examples from members of the Ketogenic Dog Group on Facebook that have seen positive results with implementing a Raw fed Ketogenic Diet for their dog. We the pet owners must be our dog’s advocate for their health. These are all real world examples of pet owners taking the initiative to make a positive change in their dogs diet and health. Whether your dog is suffering with Cancer, diabetes, obesity, epilepsy, arthritis, heart conditions, IBD, allergies, yeast , a Change in their diet can make all the difference in the world. Something as basic and simple as the food that goes into their mouths can make a remarkable difference in their lives.

If you wish to have your Dog’s story added to this page please email me. This can be a great source of inspiration for other’s whose dogs may be suffering from health issues, for them to see that there can be hope even if the prognosis looks bleak.


robert Cabral

You may recognize Robert from his many TV appearances as a well known dog trainer.
What Robert has to say about the meal plan service from KetoPoweredk9:
“I was referred to Mike by Daniel Orrego from Keto Pet. After years of feeding my dog everything from home cooked meals, kibble, raw and just about everything in between, I was in search of the healthiest food possible. I understood that just feeding meat and veggies is not balanced and the risks of feeding kibble became mind boggling. Finding someone who understands nutrition and that can customize a diet plan for a specific dog, health concern was amazing. I LOVE Mike’s attention to detail and his guidance. Everything from the recipe, nutritional info, a website filled with links to purchase and support made Mike the ONE place to go for my dog’s dietary needs. I highly recommend Mike to anyone who wants to do what’s best for their dog(s) when it comes to food. This is a one stop / everything you need guy that I trust with my dog’s health. If you love your dog and want what’s best for him in the line of nutrition, see Mike!”
Robert Cabral

Checkout Goofy in action!


My Best Girl Mya Living Her Best Life About 2 years after a delicate kidney removal surgery due to a severe abscess, my 11-year old Shiba Inu, Mya, had to go through another surgery. We thought the abscess had come back but after the 4-hour surgery our vet reported that it was, in fact, a suspicious looking tumor with blood vessels and 2 legs and some adhesions. It was later diagnosed as transitional cell carcinoma. I was racing against time. Having been a follower of Dr. Karen Becker and Rodney Habib and also the work of Ketopet Sanctuary, putting Mya in ketosis was an absolute must. It would have taken me a month or two or even more to learn how to make a balanced keto meal plan without any guidance and that would have taken away so much precious time that I could be spending with my pup and researching on her condition. I am extremely blessed to have bumped into Mike Battaglia early on in this battle. He was quick to reply and was thorough throughout the process. Within 2 days, I had a meal plan for Mya and a grocery list for her supplements and tutorials and videos on how to make things easier. Let’s just say, Mya’s transition into ketosis was smooth and has been in ketosis since then. Five and a half months into the diet, along with supplementation, metabolic conditioning, essential oils, homeopathy, and recently, ozone therapy, her nodules have not increased in size and number. The best part of it is that Mya has renewed energy. She moves as though she is a little pup. She is back doing zoomies, invites other dogs to play with her and digs into her toy basket to pick her toy of the day. My best girl Mya is living her best life. Thank you, Mike, for being an integral part of my tool chest for Mya’s care.

April A.- Philippines



Oct.29 2019  “While he calculated dosages of vitamins and minerals, as well as, balanced a menu of macronutrients, I got to spend precious time with our special little Jack Russell struggling with her cancer”

I Asked for a Miracle
I asked the universe for a miracle.  I asked for the gift of time. After a recent visit to our veterinarian, I received the news that our 15, year old Jack Russell had only 2 – 3 months to survive her diagnosed mammary cancer.  The news literally knocked “the wind out of my sail.” I was also informed that she had a heart condition that would make surgery too risky.  Receiving this news was devastating.  I knew, immediately, that I would have to fight with all our might to make sure these last days would be her best and most memorable days.  She was weak and beginning to fade quickly.  This is when I made my intentions clear to the powers that be.  I asked for time, so that she could live these last days with happiness and without fear – to have the opportunity to share the love that we felt for one another just the way we wanted to.
As I scoured the internet, read, researched resources, deliberated on treatments, examined diets, and made phone calls throughout Canada and the United States, recognizing that time was short for any kind of resolve, something inside of me knew that there would be answers and to persist.  In the interim, I asked myself what would inspire my beautiful little girl that once was full of life and sparkle.  Too weak and exhausted, her enthusiasm for walks and hunting had waned.  Instead, my spouse and I decided to bundle her up and went for “car walks” of the paths and trails that she once traveled on her own steam.  She welcomed these moments reflecting on her past.  And while she slept long hours, I continued my research.Within days, I learned about the Keto Sanctuary, made several calls and discovered the Keto Diet.  Hope is all part of the gift of time.  I immediately put her on the Keto Sanctuary diet and, acknowledging that I had very little understanding of the science behind this way of eating, decided that I, too, must live this diet if I were to fully understand it.  I began wondering: “What might be too much fat?  How did I feel? How might she feel?  How could I better understand her new experience of eating?”  At the onset of this diet, I was concerned about the lack of supplementation.  A few, more calls and, as the universe would have it, I was directed towards a man called Mike Battaglia of KetopoweredK9. I was told that if anyone knew supplements, the keto diet and experienced cancer with his own pet, he would be my best resource.  It has been an absolute blessing – the miracle that I had asked for.  Life is filled with many intentions.  There are no coincidences in life.
Although it was all by e-mail, I felt an immediate connection with Mike.  Completely overwhelmed about the Keto diet, I was directed to his Facebook group, and his website, which had all of the information that I needed.  Furthermore, my anxiety about constructing a diet, which I had so little knowledge about and so little time to learn about, had dissipated.  He was our angel sent to us from heaven.  Not only did his service prepare Phani’s menu, which incorporated the necessary macronutrients (fat, protein and carbohydrates), but, he included the necessary vitamins and mineral proportions and dosage calculations necessary to support better good health for her.  Mike’s service includes a wealth of information on his website to assist us in understanding the ketogenic diet, as well as, the role ketones play in our effort to stop cancer from progressing (or even disappearing).  His tutorials were a valuable instructional tool and a time-saver in my haste to plan these important meals.  In addition, the tutorials developed a deeper understanding of the many complexities involved in menu planning.
I appreciated Mike’s continuous support and quick response to my many queries.  This has been a stressful time in our lives, not only to manage Phani’s illness, but, to embrace new learning.  I am truly grateful for Mike’s knowledge, expertise and patience in a time of great need.  It would have been an impossible task for me to endeavor as I travel this new journey on my own.  Throughout this experience, it was evident, to me that Mike is passionate and committed to making a difference in pet’s lives and ensured good health.  He imparts new ways for healthy living, not just for our “furry” friends, but for humans as well.
Mike took the” guess-work” out of formulating a ketogenic diet for Phani.  Patiently, he supported us during a difficult time in our lives by continuously educating, teaching and informing.  He was quick to respond to queries of “why” and “why not” by giving explanations in a language that was understandable.  Not only was his knowledge and expertise graciously embraced, but I could sense his desire to make a difference to healthy eating and living for all pets.  His commitment to contribute to this knowledge positively impacts all animals for a better lifestyle.  If it were not his compassion, I would not have been given the gift of time.  While he calculated dosages of vitamins and minerals, as well as, balanced a menu of macronutrients, I got to spend precious time with our special little Jack Russell struggling with her cancer.
Two short weeks later, Phani has shown marked improvement.  Her zest for life and happy disposition has returned.  I am happy to say that her tumor on her left chest has disappeared and the tumor in her mammary gland has decreased significantly.  Not only does she look forward to her daily “car walks, “ but now participates in walks and runs in the park again.  Her playfulness and energetic self has returned as, she enthusiastically looks forward to each new day rejuvenating in her better health.
I asked for a miracle.  I asked for the gift of time.  The universe directed me to Mike Battaglia who gave Phani and our family another opportunity to live life well and in good health.  Phani may have 3 months, or 6 months, a year or a few years.  One thing for sure, we have a whole new appreciation and a better understanding for the gift of time.  It is the small, little moments that are important to us now.  Each moment gives us an opportunity to love well and embrace our friendship well.  These are the moments that matter – where love and friendship prevail.  Thank you, Mike for making this possible.
Carmen Roman . Calgary, Alberta, Canada



From Isis’ Owner 9/21/19
“My dog, Isis was officially diagnosed with cardiac hemangiosarcoma (HSA) cancer on August 1st, 2019 when her cardiologist saw via an X-ray she was suffering from pericardial effusion and a tumor on her heart. He drained her pericardial sac and took a biopsy of the tumor simultaneously. He told me she has 4-6 weeks to live and was pushing me to euthanize her immediately to put her out of her misery. It was bad enough I had to digest that my 8 year best friend had cancer, this jerk of a cardiologist was presenting the only option is to put her down. Isis was having bleeds since May 2019 and no one suspected cancer. After complaining about her having a periodic pot belly, blowing up like a watermelon, and being disoriented several times to the emergency animal hospital and her regular Vet, they would see only see on the bloodwork that she was anemic, do a blood transfusion and send her home. All the while, she has been dealing with cancer and it took a callous cardiologist to discover it. I was devastated but knew I only had 4-6 weeks. I wasn’t going to let my best friend go down without a fight. I quickly found an Oncologist and an Integrative Vet and then desperately searched for appropriate diets for cancer. I stumbled across Keto Pet Sanctuary and immediately purchase the ketogenic patties and a jar of coconut oil. The Oncologist found another HSA tumor on her spleen and recommended five IV chemo treatments along with low dose metronomic chemo. The Integrative Vet recommended aquapuncture/acupuncture, Chinese herbs, therapeutic mushrooms, CBD Oil, along with b12/vitamin C shots. I was feeling good about everything except the keto patties/coconut oil. Suddenly, I stumbled across Mike Battaglia and his Ketogenic Dog Group on Facebook on August 13th. I immediately thought this was my saving grace. With the wealth of knowledge Mike provided which was at my disposal anytime, I learned more about Keto and cancer and knew this was going to be instrumental in Isis beating HSA. I was quickly calculating her diet and it was much more nutritional then the patties. Mike even customized a diet for her which was even better. In just seven short weeks, Isis had 3 IV chemo treatments, 3 acupuncture/aquapuncture treatments/b12 and vitamin c shots, daily metronomic chemo, followed the regimen the Integrative Vet recommended and was on the Ketogenic Diet and a more robust Keto diet by Mike Battaglia, the HSA tumors are no longer visible on an ultrasound. The Oncologist is convinced it is the Ketogenic Diet that forced HSA to retreat since this type of cancer doesn’t respond to chemo. Isis’ siblings, Bandit, Kira, Cinnamon, my son and I are grateful to the Ketogenic Diet and Mike Battaglia’s knowledge for saving my best friend and four-legged beloved family member.”



From Rooster’s Owner: 8/19/19
Rooster was diagnosed with metastatic histiocytic sarcoma at just 6 years old in January 2018. He had two distinct large masses in his abdomen. Our veterinarian told us surgery was not an option and there wasn’t a viable chemotherapy option. They put him on prednisone and we were told to keep him comfortable for the two weeks to two months he had left. We frantically searched for holistic and dietary options, in addition to, a second opinion. We switched Rooster to a ketogenic diet as soon as we did a little Keto Pet Sanctuary research. Luckily, we found Mike Battaglia and his Ketogenic Dog Group on FaceBook to help us with the math! It was very difficult at first, trying to keep up with weight changes and ketosis, but Rooster’s weight began to level off and the tumors began to shrink dramatically. We found an oncologist who ditched the steroids and did recommend a low-dose, generic chemo. We now had a well-rounded, multi-angled attack with western medicine, Chinese herbs, mushrooms and turmeric paste, joined together with a whole new approach to feeding. We spaced out and backed off the chemo, but the tumors continued to shrink. His weight completely stabilized and he still had tremendous energy for long outdoor walks. He could easily knock out 7 to 9 miles a day! One year after the dismal diagnosis and with no more chemo, there was no sign of the tumors. Fourteen months later, an ultrasound showed a completely healthy 7-year old dog. Once we were feeding keto long-term, Mike helped us balance his diet out with critical vitamins, minerals and amino acid supplements. This diet has made all the difference in Rooster’s cancer fight. It is still hard work, but worth the effort in every way. On August 16, 2019, Rooster celebrated his 8th birthday cancer-free, almost 19 months after we were told he only had several weeks to live. With gratitude, Meghan, Marcus & Rooster Hodge (his fur-brother Remi & fur-sister Roxie, too)”



From Marley’s Owner:
My dog Marley was diagnosed in May of 2017 with lymphoma. Her original prognosis by her vet was 6-8 months with chemo, 6-8 weeks without and statistics say that most dogs don’t achieve a second or third remission.
I was devastated with the diagnosis. My world was turned upside down and Marley was only 8 years old. I thought how could this be? I started doing some research on the web of what I could do and Immediately took her off crap kibble and put her on a raw diet at that point. She went through 6 months of chemotherapy and We got about 6 months free remission (without chemo) and the cancer came back. At that point I started doing more research and had come across Ketopet sanctuary and Mike Battaglia’s ketogenic dog group on Facebook and they have been life savers. At that time in June of 2018 I started the Raw Ketogenic diet for Marley and immediately saw her with more energy than before it’s like she wasn’t feeling sick. After finishing Chemotherapy, the second time, we got about 6 months of remission. She is back in remission (as of 8/20/19’) and about to finish chemo therapy in 3 weeks. I’ve been giving her coconut oil as the fat source which has the highest levels of MCTs (medium chain triglycerides) and her blood glucose levels are normally around 40-60 mg/dl (Standard diet kibble fed dogs are often over 100 mg/dl)
I feel now what I know that this cancer is never coming back EVER! Thanks to the Ketogenic Diet and Mike Battaglia’s expertise.
-oct. 31st 2019 update from Marley’s owner: Hey Mike I just wanted to say Marley’s coat has never looked or felt better.

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