Nutrient deficiencies

Wondering whats lacking in the “basic” keto diets? sound too good to be true that all your dog needs to thrive is hamburger, coconut oil and broccoli? like the old adage goes, if it sounds too good to be true it usually is.

This “basic diet” is good for VERY SHORT TERM feeding. And when I say short I mean like a week or two.

We’ve all been there, your dog is diagnosed with cancer, you feverishly start scouring the internet, you stumble upon ketogenic diets and you want to stop feeding kibble asap. The Basic keto diet can easily be done with a quick trip to your local supermarket.

-But we need to be striving for more!

Below you will find a nutrient report that I put together for the “basic” keto diet and all of the deficiencies are highlighted. And below those pictures you will find some great information from Dr.Karen Becker which shows exactly why and what these nutrients do for our dogs and what happens when there are deficiencies in the diet lacking these nutrients.

Sure, You will find a plethora of people online touting how great their dog is doing even tho their plan is far from being properly “balanced” and Yes, most all dogs will show remarkable improvements once starting a fresh food/ Raw diet. It can take months or YEARS for them to show signs of nutritional deficiencies. And by the time they show them now we have a real problem on our hands. So the best strategy is to not let this ever happen in the first place. If we know certain nutritional needs should be met, we need to make sure the diet is providing them. Well researched science shows what nutrients a dog needs and what happens when they do not receive those nutrients in their diet (see note cards below).

And Furthermore, When we’re dealing with a sick dog, or a dog with cancer – as most dogs looking to start keto do have cancer– we want to be giving these dogs the best possible fighting chance they have and with that comes making sure their diet is at the peak of its potential. So feeding a diet that we know is lacking all the nutrients a dog needs just doesn’t make any sense.

Will a high performance Lamborghini or Ferrari run on cheap low octane gas? yes.
Will it run at its maximum potential? NO. It is impossible
Food is the Dog’s “fuel”, if the diet is not the best it can be how can we expect good results?

You may ask yourself, “can’t I just add a multivitamin mix to fix all of this?!” Short answer? No. There is not one single multivitamin mix that will fix all of these issues, AND the vast majority of all canine multivitamin mixes are riddled with synthetic vitamins, fillers, carbohydrates and are sourced from unknown origins (usually china). And we don’t want to be relying on a vitamin mix to provide the majority of the nutrients anyway. If we’re going through the time, trouble, and money of feeding a home prepared Raw meal we should be using as much whole food as possible to provide the nutrients.

Read my personal experience about how I was affected by “Market Withdrawaled” dog brand specific premixed vitamins

The following “recipe” is for the basic 2:1 Ketogenic meal (or option 2 as it’s better well known as) with added seaweed calcium adding the approx amount following the directions on the supplement, adding approx 1 tea per 1 lb of food

ingredient listvitaminsminerals
LA (Linoleic Acid) does not even meet min levels, There is ZERO EPA/DHA and the omega 6/3 ratio is beyond the recommended upper limits- recommended omega 6/3 ratios are between 2:1-7:1 according to most Canine nutritionists. when we start getting very high as this diet is , it may contribute to excess inflammation in the body, potentially raising the risk of various diseases.
Steve Brown who is an expert on canine nutrition mentions this about diets low in LA (Linoleic Acid) “lack of LA in the diet will cause the dog’s coat to fall out, make the dog sluggish, or eventually kill the dog.” – source- Unlocking the Canine Ancestral Diet

Amino Acids :
Dogs require Essential Amino Acids
essential meaning THEY MUST COME FROM THE DIET
you can see Tryptophan and Methionine+Cystine are low.
Methionine and Cystine are used together for a canine to make their own Taurine- An amino acid we are all hearing about these days with the increased rates of DCM (dilated cardiomyopathy)  happening in processed kibble fed diets.
According to renowned Canine nutritionist Dr. Richard Patton, even if just 1 essential amino acid is low it can affect all of the rest in their functions. – source- Ruined by excess perfected by lack-

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So why are all of these nutrients important to our dogs?
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Dr.Karen Becker did a great job providing valuable information from one of her lectures on how various nutrient deficiencies or excesses can cause various health issues in our dogs. Her entire lecture can be found HERE on Red Dog Blue Kats Facebook page. Her segment starts at 1 hour and 23 minutes into the video. There is a LOT of info! These are some of the notes from that lecture. all rights reserved to Red Dog Blue Kat
zinc sources

zinc Deficiency

vitamin E sources

Vitamin E deficiency

vitamin D sources

vitamin D deficiency

Selenium sources

Selenium deficiency

potassium sources

nutrients often lacking in raw diets



iron sources

iron deficiency


iodine sources

folate and thiamine sources

Folate and thiamine deficiency

copper sources

copper deficiency

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