Products I use

Products That I’m Using

Here are a few products That we use on a regular basis. When I find a product that works well and I like, I feel it’s important that product deserves some recognition and maybe another pet parent will find some great new products this way!

Raw feeders worst nightmare is a busted freezer !
An inexpensive wireless digital thermometer can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in spoiled Meat if your freezer breaks. The unit can sound an alarm at preset temperatures so if your freezer gets warmer than that temperature an alarm will sound notifying you! This has saved me one time already, I had opened the door to the garage freezer to get some meat out for my animals, and I didn’t realize the door didn’t close all the way, had it not been for these devices listed below alerting me that the temperature was rising in my freezer, I could have lost my entire freezer full of meat.

And YES, I use BOTH of the thermometers featured below!

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Wifi enabled wireless thermometer

This little unit is AWESOME. I can monitor the working temperature of my dogs food freezer as there are thousands of dollars worth of meat in that freezer and the freezer is in the garage which means it could be days before I would ever even notice there was an issue with it. This unit is the cream of the crop when it comes to monitoring your freezer as you can see in detail the warming and cooling trends, set custom alerts and even get the optional wifi router that works with this so it can be synced to you smartphone anywhere in the world. it clearly maps out and averages the temperature of your freezer so you could even potentially detect when mechanical issues are beginning to happen and avoid a catastrophic breakdown resulting in a freezer full of spoiled meat

Trail/bike running harness:
Alpine outfitters Xback harness. This has been a great company to deal with. outstanding customer service! If you bike with your dog, or run/ canicross or any activity on lead where the dog is pulling, it’s important to have a proper harness for your activity so you do not injure your dog. The LAST thing we want to do is restrict full range of motion in their chest when running. It is absolutely CRUCIAL that you use a proper harness if you intend to run with your dog!

Normal Everyday Harness

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How does Emie stay so good looking? well, besides her Raw Ketogenic diet and strict exercise routine we also use 4leggers shampoo which is made in the USA and certified organic. I was VERY concerned about using just any shampoo on Emie after her cancer diagnosis. I went through great lengths to make sure her diet and environment was as safe as I could make it for her but now came the daunting idea of what type of shampoo is safe?!
So after a lot of research this is the brand I chose. NO synthetic ingredients! “synthetic ingredients in traditional pet grooming products have been linked to allergies and dry, itchy skin as well as a multitude of long term health issues including, hormone disruption, organ toxicity and cancer”

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Stay Cool!
When the weather is hot, ruffwears jet stream cooling vest helps Emie stay cool. And I like that it decreases the amount of exposed skin/fur that pesky Ticks can latch onto! When she goes running with me I carry a hydration backpack and will make sure to keep her vest saturated with water to help keep her cool.
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Hydration Backpacks

when I go cycling with emie and take her running, I always make sure to have plenty of water with while shes exercising, and as mentioned above I use the water to keep the under portion of her cooling vest saturated with water. This backpack holds 2.5 liters of water and has plenty of cargo space for all of our trail gear, first aid kit, and I carry our Rescue harness in the event she is ever injured I have a way to carry her out.
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Rescue Harness

Emie and I find ourselves in some pretty remote areas and if she were ever to get injured I have piece of mind knowing that I can safely get her transported out with ease. Carrying a dog is no easy task, let alone trying to do this over multiple miles of rough terrain. These rescue harness take up hardly any room to carry with you


Flea & Tick prevention
We are out in the woods on average at least 4 times a week weather permitting. I do not use prescription flea or tick prevention because of their toxicity to dogs. So for a more natural solution We have been using Wondercide for several years with good results. It’s still important to check your dog for any ticks after any outdoor activity.

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Supplies to aid in Measuring/assembling meals
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Gram/ounce/pound scale: Use to weigh food/meat/veggies etc.

Milligram scale: used to weigh powders/pills

Large food grade bin
If you start making large batches of meals, these large bins are pretty much necessary to hold the large volumes of food easily to mix

Spice Grinder:
Perfect for grinding seeds/pills etc. AND grinding homemade dehydrated chicken jerky into a tasty meal “topper” you can sprinkle on your pets food for an occasional added tasty Boost to their meals! – very useful for those picky eaters!
I made the mistake of buying a cheap grinder that just didn’t work well. I have been very happy with this KitchenAid. And it comes with multiple grinding canisters with lids.

Food processor:
Great for chopping up vegetables. I’ve been using this inexpensive one for years. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to get one that works great!

Ketone and Glucose tester
this is the same brand Keto Pet used and I myself use for my dog Emie

Glucose and Ketone Test Strips

Lancets used to “prick” to get the blood drop to test Glucose/ketones
also follow my “keto tips” section for advice on how to test! (for some reason amazon picture doesn’t show up, but just click on where it says “no image available)

Stomach upset issues?
often times we may be faces with bouts of stomach upset either in the form of diarrhea or constipation. Slippery Elm has been my go-to solution for either scenario. I’ve found approx 1/4 teaspoon per 10 pounds of the dogs body weight to be effective. But as always, consult your vet and do your own research for dosage for your dog.

I use this brand for several of my animals.

Problems in the bathroom department?
loose poops can be helped with Psyllium husk powder to bulk up and firm stools. I’ve found using approx 1/4 teaspoon per 10 lbs of the dogs body weight to be beneficial. always start with a lower amount and work your way up observing changes to the stool as you increase dosage. (Do not use slippery elm AND this product together as you will surely cause constipation- husk powder can be used regularly in the diet if you need extra Fiber to bulk up the stool)

Books I’ve found Useful

NOW Kelp Powder
If your dog has preexisting thyroid conditions, check with your vet before supplementing iodine

Instantpot for making bone broth
If you’ve ever made bone broth on the stove you know how long it takes! not to mention smelling up the entire house. The Instantpot does it in few short hours! AND no smell in the house while you’re making it since it’s a sealed pressure cooker.

Turmeric for Golden Paste

Everything from reducing pain, inflammation and stiffness related to rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and osteoarthritis, cancer prevention, boosting immune system, detox liver, turmeric Has many uses
Recipe for “Making Golden Paste”

Investing in a QUALITY meat grinder was my first big investment. And worth every penny. I have the 22 model because some of my animals use bone in chicken in their recipes, so the 22 cuts through bone as fast as I can feed the machine and Weston warranties their product for use with chicken bone. Very important if you intend to use a grinder for bone-in meat.

capable of grinding bones

The Ketogenic Bible


I make all of my animals treats at home with this food dehydrator. single proteins like ground beef or chicken can be placed in here and dehydrated for a tasty treat. Best of all, you know exactly what is in the treat because you made it. It’s worked well for us going on several years now.

Jerky “gun”

To make jerky treats using ground beef, this is what I use. Simply load the tube with your ground meat of choice, squeeze the trigger and lay out nice thin strips of “jerky” right on the sheets of your food dehydrator and set the machine to start and thats it! nice and simple single protein treats you can make yourself .
do NOT use the jerky seasoning that may come with these guns! but feel free to use those seasonings if you make your own human version of this jerky

Larger capacity Jerky gun
holds more beef and requires less time to refill the tube and comes with handy cleaning tool

Custom meal plan services

click on the image below to get started feeding your Dog a Properly Balanced Raw Diet!

goodpic of my meal


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