Why Kibble is Krap

by: Mike Battaglia

Would a highly processed diet be advised for the best possible health of a human? Of course not , we know better than to expect that we should live a life consuming nothing but processed junk food for our entire lives, and if we were to do so it would be expected that poor health would certainly follow. After all, we are what we eat, right?

So why then has it been acceptable to feed our companion animals a life long diet of the human equivalent of junk food? And diseases in our companion animals are now paralleling that of humans. Obesity, Cancer, Diabetes, Allergies. Our poor animals are having prescription drugs prescribed at alarming rates to treat SYMPTOMS of many issues directly caused from the food they eat.

We need to start doing right by our Companion animals and feeding them better food. We can’t possibly expect them to be in good health if the number one most important thing in their life is lacking. A good Diet of fresh , healthy, Real food!

I’ll admit it! I was a kibble feeder before I knew any better. But there’s no denying that a lot of our dogs illnesses are because of what they are eating! My poor dog dealt with terrible yeasty ears for the first 5 years of her life. let me repeat that. FIVE YEARS. Numerous vets, hundreds upon hundreds of dollars spent on vet visits, medicines, cleaners, ear drops, painstakingly cleaning her ears all the time all the while not one single vet EVER mentioned or asked what I was feeding for food, let alone even mention to possibly change the food. And since I was shelling out our hard earned cash for top dollar brand names (Orijen, Acana, FROMM, I tried them all) there’s no way the food I was feeding could be causing this. Right?


The processed food was 100% the direct cause of my dog’s terrible yeast issues. All those years that she had to deal with it was cleared up within the first month of feeding RAW. Let me repeat that. The first MONTH! all of her yeasty ear issues were gone 100% never to return. Now, 2.5 years into feeding Raw Ketogenic Meals she has not had one single issue with her ears. Yeast feeds on sugar and I was feeding my dog kibble which has a very HIGH content of starch/carbohydrates, which in turn get processed by the body and turned into sugar. So the yeast issue in my dog basically had an unlimited supply of “fuel”. The sugar from the food.

On top of that, the high carbohydrate food also aided in her weight gain, joint issues/stiffness/inflammation in my dog. Dogs can be insulin resistant just like humans, and if their body doesn’t properly use all that sugar from the diet, its stored as fat. We all have that one friend that can eat all the carbs they want and stay perfectly thin, and yet others of us try and do that and we gain a ton of weight. This is because the body is storing the sugar as fat. Insulin resistance can eventually lead to diabetes. And look at the staggering number of dogs diagnosed with diabetes these days. This is not normal.  a 2015 article by zoetis cites that since 2011 diabetes diagnosis has increased by 32 percent in canines and 16 percent in felines. And an unknown of undiagnosed type2 diabetes cases.

Some may say, well just feed your dog less kibble to avoid weight gain. But guess what? now we’re effectively reducing the amount of nutrients, vitamins, minerals the dog is receiving. We can’t rob peter to pay Paul so to speak. To try and avoid weight gain that the high carbohydrate food is causing, simply trying to feed less of it now reduces the amount of the nutrients they are getting for the day. so yeah, we might stave off the weight gain, but now we’re creating a nutritional deficit.

Why didn’t a vet ever tell me the very food I was feeding COULD be causing the problem? how many other hundred of thousands of dogs are dealing with this same issue? with no relief. My dog ultimately developed Cancer by the time she was 5yrs young. Do I blame the kibble for her cancer? who’s to say. But I do know that the kibble certainly wasn’t helping keep her in optimal health, it wasn’t helping her gut “microbiome” or gut health, and we know that the gut is responsible for so many functions of our bodies functioning properly, including our immune system and a weakened immune system is an open door for cancer. And recent studies have linked the cancer causing pesticide of Glyphosate being found in many brands of kibble dog food.

Watching the Film PETFOOLED was the driving force that made me change my dogs diet IMMEDIATELY. That film made me angry at what these pet food manufacturers are able to get away with and that film made me inspired.  Watch the preview shown below, it should infuriate a dog owner to know what is going on with pet food.

And when I say that I immediately changed my dogs diet, I mean I stopped feeding the brand new bag of “uber premium” kibble we had just opened and rolled my sleeves up and learned how to feed a raw diet. (petfooled is available to watch on Amazon prime, iTunes, google play, vudu, xbox, playstation) If you’re curious at all about your dog or cats nutrition, petfooled will be the best hour you can possibly spend to learn more. It was the single biggest eye opening experience for me that literally changed everything for us.

The pet food industry is the only place where you’ll find recommendations to feed a highly processed diet. We know eating processed food is bad for us humans, so why are we feeding our companion animals such sub par food? Diseases and illnesses in our dogs are paralleling the same issues plaguing society. Obesity, Diabetes, Cancer, Allergies, Joint and mobility issues/Arthritis. And the only solution offered by most vets seem to be medication to mask the problems. We need to instead be focusing on the root cause of most of these issues. The food.

Our dogs are our companions, our family, our best friends. They deserve better. They don’t have a choice what goes in their bowl. but we do. and we owe it to them to be educated about their food.

Take some time, watch the videos below and really learn what’s REALLY inside that bag of highly processed Dog “FEED” – I refuse to call it food anymore. It is dog feed..

If there ever was a silver lining in my Dog’s journey , it is that her unfortunate diagnosis of cancer led me to start learning as much as I could on how to help her. And in doing so, has led me to start this website to help others, and has led to me starting the Ketogenic Dog Group on facebook which has connected me to thousands of other pet parents across the globe to help them get their dog started on Raw Ketogenic Diets.

Most pet owners have no idea whats going on behind closed doors of the pet food/kibble industry. Do you really know whats being used in that bag of kibble?


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